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Therecan be little question in 2009 that every tire dealer in the countryhas some sort of computer system at the point-of-sale, the back officeor both. It’s almost impossible to run a tire business any other way,which has led tire dealers to making the obvious choice – tiredealer-oriented software.

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POS software will allow you to knowimmediately what you have in stock, the price, the margin at which itshould be sold, and reordering capabilities, at the very least. It willalso allow you plug in the customer’s name, send sales messages totheir home when you have a special going on and instantly tell youwhether you’re making money or not.

You can also search yourtire and parts inventory from top to bottom. With current softwaresystems, you can search for an item by any combination of part numbersor tires and come up quickly with such things as sales margins, tiresavailable, tire specs, vendor or inventory subtype and the correctparts for auto service and repair.

By changing margins up ordown, stocking the right inventory mix and encouraging your frontcounter people to sell the tires you need to move right away, you willadd profitability to your bottom line immediately.


One softwaresystem offers an electronic shop catalog that includes a comprehensivelisting of parts, labor and service intervals. There are no holes tofall into by missing a business opportunity when it’s on the screen infront of you.

With just a few clicks you can find the tires,parts and labor cost you need to attain and watch all of it come up onthe work order. As soon as the customer signs the work order, you areon your way to completing the job and your customer is on his/her wayto work.

It’s a lot easier than the old way of pen and pencil;there’s no more waiting for someone to run back to the warehouse to seeif a specific set of tires is available. After scanning every tire thatenters and leaves your warehouse, the computer takes over and adds andsubtracts and automatically reorders needed stock. The message here isto take financial advantage of what a good software system can do foryour business.

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Business Operations

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Business Operations

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