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Seat Belts Top Motoring Safety Poll

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) The seat belt has been named the most important innovation in car safety of the past 50 years in a new poll from Avon Tyres.


The much maligned speed camera was voted the 10th.


One of the first acronyms to appear on our cars, ABS, or Anti-lock Braking System, came second in Avon’s survey to find the safety innovation that has had the most impact. Airbags, Cats Eyes (fog lamps) and Crumple Zones rounded off the top five. Despite much criticism and an explosion in their usage (there are now roughly 6,000) speed cameras were named as the most important innovation by 2% of motorists. Avon Tyres surveyed more than 1,100 motorists.

Malcolm Jones, product planning manager for the Avon Tyres brand commented: “The average car may be significantly faster since seatbelts became compulsory, but manufacturers are forever pushing the boundaries to deliver safer cars. In 10 years time, we’ll all be talking about pop-up bonnets, artificial intelligent braking systems and cars that can see around corners.”


Top Ten Safety Innovations

Pos. Innovation Polled vote
1     Seat Belts                            27%
2     ABS                                     21%
3     Airbags                                16%
4     Cats Eyes                             10%
5     Crumple Zones                      7%
6     3-point centre seatbelt (rear)  6%
7     Traction control                     3%
8     Side Impact Protection            2%
9     Emergency Braking System     2%
10   Speed Cameras                      2%

Source: Avon Tyres

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