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Sapphire Expands UK Collection Coverage

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Sapphire Energy has named NW Tyres Ltd. as its regional tyre collector for the North West.


NW Tyres, a sister company of DME Tyres, will manage Sapphire’s tyre collections for the whole of the North West region, collecting car, van and truck tyres for processing at Sapphire’s recently opened Manchester facility.

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Sapphire’s sales and marketing manager, Ryan Mifflin, said: “The appointment of NW Tyres as the final Sapphire regional collector completes our national coverage for end-of-life tyre collection. We have carefully selected leading collection companies to work with us to ensure that we can offer the tyre retailers unrivalled levels of service. Sapphire has invested more than £15 million in state-of-the-art tyre reprocessing equipment and sites and is proud to be leading the field in addressing the needs of tyre retailers to ensure a sustainable disposal route for end-of-life tyres and the national requirement to find alternative uses for tyres, which are now banned from disposal in landfill.

Ken Plaster, managing director of NW Tyres, commented: “Sapphire has an excellent reputation in the tyre collection industry for its knowledge of tyre reprocessing, service and training and we are looking forward to a long association with them.”

Sapphire U.K. regional collectors are Enviro Tyre (the North and Scotland); Willow Tyres (London and the South East); Western Tyres (South West and South Wales); DME (West Midlands); and Saltire (the East and East Midlands).

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