Richard Petty Reflects on Beginnings of Race Tire Tire Tech & Tire Tests

Richard Petty: The Evolution of Race Tire Tech & Tire Testing

As one of the most accomplished racecar drivers in history, Richard Petty has seen his fair share of tire blunders and wonders. A winner of a record 200 races, Petty has used the power of tire technology to win the Daytona 500 seven times and amass a winning record on 27 racess in one season in 1967. Aside from his wins, Petty has raced in over 1,000 races, and while he’s burned a lot of rubber, he also has the stories and some laughs to go along with it.

In this episode of our special Continental Tire Interview Series with Richard Petty, we dive into his time in racing and how tires played a role in his racing career. Petty talks about:

  • The importance of tires in racing;
  • The evolution of race tire technology and his reflections on its humble beginnings;
  • Stories from his time testing tires and what it looked like during the mid 60s.

This interview is part two of a four-part series with Richard Petty in which we discuss a variety of topics, including his racing career, time as a team owner, the evolution of tire and vehicle technology and his love of engines and performance vehicles.

To watch part 1 where Petty describes some mind-blowing builds he’s working on with Continental, click here.

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