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Richard Petty Details His Ideal Performance Car and Engine

What makes a good performance vehicle? Well, the engine, of course, right? Not if you ask one of the most winning racecar drivers in history. That man is Richard Petty and his answer to that question might surprise you. The Petty name has been associated with performance vehicles and engines for decades, and “The King”

Richard Petty Engines Racing interview
Richard Petty’s Lessons on Business in the Automotive Industry

Richard Petty might be known as the most winning racecar driver of all time, but his name is also synonymous with owning successful racing teams, including Petty Enterprises and Richard Petty Motorsports, which is now Petty GMS Motorsports. So, from the asphalt to the board room, what has Richard Petty learned along the way about

Richard Petty: The Evolution of Race Tire Tech & Tire Testing

As one of the most accomplished racecar drivers in history, Richard Petty has seen his fair share of tire blunders and wonders. A winner of a record 200 races, Petty has used the power of tire technology to win the Daytona 500 seven times and amass a winning record on 27 racess in one season

Richard Petty Continental Race tire tech
Richard Petty Details the Historic Builds He’s Working on with Continental

When you think of Richard Petty, you think fast. “The King,” as his moniker aptly describes, is one of the most accomplished drivers in motorsports history, winning a record of 200 races during his 30-plus year career. Although Petty may have retired from racing, his need for speed has embodied itself in Petty’s Garage, a

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