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Product Spotlight: Tire/Wheel Balancers


The latest tire/wheel balancers feature premium software and precise measuring for fast and accurate balancing. LCD screens and automatic settings save time and maximize productivity. The latest balancers also eliminate friction and feature specially designed gears that make loading and unloading easier on users.

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Here are several options:

Bee Line
Bee Line’s Smart Balancer II is the latest advancement in on-the-vehicle wheel balancing equipment that utilizes a touch screen computerized system, according to the maker. With just a few spins, the wheel is brought up to speed while a sensor measures wheel vibration. The user-friendly touch screen then indicates the exact weight and position where the weight should be added to the wheel, the company said. The Smart Balancer II eliminates the technician’s guesswork during the simple procedure, increases accuracy and maximizes quality, Bee Line added.

BendPak recently introduced its Ranger RB24T truck wheel balancer with a quick-chuck kit that reduces operator fatigue and decreases set-up times. Users raise and hang the wheel onto the quick-chuck that features auto-centering, hardened steel wheel holding supports. Then, using a special quick-chuck wrench, the wheel is automatically centered and secured in just seconds, according to BendPak. The three jaw chuck features a forged steel body and hardened wheel supports and gear slides, the company added.

According to Hennessy, the Coats ProRide Diagnostic PL Wheel Balancer combines superior ride management with easy-to-use operation to deliver increased productivity and a higher quality balance. The balancer features a pneumatic locking mounting system to reduce mounting time, while a pneumatic cylinder applies a consistent pressure on each wheel, reducing mounting errors. The ProRide Diagnostic PL also offers a “Stop & Lock” feature that locks the assembly in place at the proper weight placement location. Accurate runout measurements help quickly identify troublesome tires and wheels, the maker said, adding the unit has a smaller footprint than competitive models for better bay space utilization, and a multiple operator feature that allows up to four operators to save their individual preferences.

Hunter said its Road Force Touch delivers exceptional balancing service and performs a fast diagnostic road force test, which finds hidden causes of vibration and pulls not related to balance. The test is integrated into the balancing process to enhance the quality of service and generate more profit opportunities without adding valuable service time, according to the maker. The Road Force Touch also features a touchscreen interface that simplifies operation and shortens the learning curve for technicians. Live 3D graphics and animations display real-time wheel conditions and illustrate easy-to-understand procedures to improve ride quality, Hunter added.

The Librauto G8-200 includes a patented self-propelled balancing unit with an advanced magnetic levitation module that offers the absolute best precision without friction, according to the company. To this precise spin technology the manufacture added 13 wheel balancing programs, including the smooth friction-free advance wheel braking system with electronic top-dead center wheel brake. The TDC is automatic for both the inside and outside planes. To the entire technology package, Librauto said it added a hood, pneumatic wheel lift and automatic data entry system for distance and rim.

RAV America
The GTL4.140 video balancer precisely balances automotive, light truck and medium duty tire and wheel assemblies. The versatile machine is equally adept whether the application is a performance automobile, a rugged light truck, or a medium duty truck – including super wides, according to RAV America. Its features include a full color LCD display, premium software, DC drive system, integrated wheel lift, automatic data entry and automatic stop on top. Although the GTL4.140’s control pad consists of only five touch keys, most important balancing functions can be done without a single button push. Even precise tape weight balancing can be carried out without a single touch of the keypad, added the manufacturer.

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