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Product Spotlight: Tire Storage

Proper tire storage is essential to manage inventory, save space and stay organized. Whether custom-built or portable, storage racks need to be heavy-duty for long-term use and shop safety. Additionally, specially designed storage accessories make it easy to transport tires around the shop.

Shure manufacturing
Shure Manufacturing Corp. said its two-tier tire cart safely and securely transports both new and used tires and wheels at one time with increased storage space. Features include heavy-duty construction and adjustable cross supports.

Martins Industries
Martins Industries’ adjustable tire shelving is designed to store tires on their tread instead of on their side, which saves time when loading and unloading. Three models are available: three-tier, four-tier and five-tier. Each tier holds nine to 11 tires for a maximum of 500 pounds per tier. The sectional beams are angled at 45 degrees to properly hold the tires, the company said, adding that the adjustable tire shelving is sturdy and easy to install.

Ohio Rack
Ohio Rack manufactures a wide variety of new tire racks. With nearly 30 years of experience, the company said it builds quality pieces at a competitive price. Approximately 90% of Ohio Rack’s slack racks are custom-built to meet customers’ specific needs.

E-Z Lift
The E-Z Lift floor-to-floor conveyor is specially designed to move passenger car and light truck tires at inclines up to 60 degrees. Features include an 18-inch-wide, two-ply rubber-covered top belt sliding flat at 58 fpm, a curved cleat pattern to fit tire contour, and a switch at the bottom end of the machine. The company added the truss conveyor frame is made of high strength steel tubing.

Vidir’s newest line of premier carousels, the Pan Carousel, has expanded with 10 additional standard models available, according to the maker. The newest generation features improved stability and performance, as well as a variety of new options and accessories. The Pan Carousel utilizes the ferris wheel concept to bring the product to you via the shortest possible path, Vidir said, while the nested shelving design ensures the highest possible storage density. This two-fold concept saves time and space, the company added.

Tire Service Equipment Mfg.

The TS-10 tire squire takes the work out of transporting tires, according to Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. The ergonomic design increases operator safety and efficiency. According to the maker, the TS-10 tire squire is designed with a third locking caster wheel so that it can be tilted back and maneuvered on three wheels, allowing the cart to be managed with up to 90% less effort than conventional tire carts. Easy opening, self-adjusting jaws automatically capture tires and wheels. Jaws operate using handles.

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