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Product Spotlight: Tire Changers


One of the most important pieces of equipment in any tire shop, the tire changer can be a simple, welded steel-tube device to raise a tire and wheel to comfortable work height up to a nearly fully automated tire-changing robot. There are many features to consider: roller or shovel-type bead separators, integrated tire inflation systems, air-surge pulse for faster inflation speed and improved bead seating, low-speed drive systems with increased torque for servicing tough combinations, and leverless mounting/demounting. Increasing levels of convenience, efficiency and comfort come at a price, so take the time to determine what is best for your shop.

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Corghi Master Code
Corghi’s new Master Code tire changer has self-acquisition of wheel dimensions (both rim and wheel), which enables automatic tool positioning and cycling the machine automatically. The demounting of the tire is made without any contact with the rim area via the Smart Corghi System. The machine is certified for mounting run-flat and UHP tires, the manufacturer added. Master Code is available in various versions with accessories such as: automatic lubricator, camera and integrated TPMS together with a tread-measuring probe.

Ranger NextGen R980NXT
The NextGen R980NXT tire changer from Ranger Products is designed to take the all-day abuses of a high-volume tire shop. According to the maker, the R980NXT saves an unprecedented amount of space over traditional tilt-back style tire changers of similar capacity thanks to a unique dual-roller swing-arm bead press mounting system. Designed to service low-profile tires and large luxury wheels alike, the R980NXT also offers advanced power assist capabilities such as a quick-change lower disc roller and centering cone to aid in clamping, lubricating, demounting, mounting and inflation for stubborn tire and wheel combinations, the maker said.




Coseng C288S
Coseng has introduced its C288S Hybrid Tire Changer with available outside clamping capacity of 32 inches using large wheel adaptors. The unit incorporates a tilt-back arm equipped with a steel duck head for fast floor-to-floor times and a swing arm equipped with a quick change plastic duck head. The availability of the two arms allows any operator to switch duck heads by just selecting the arm to use, according to the company. The incorporated dual side assist arm is a plus for mounting and demounting run-flat and low profile tires. The changer includes a full complement of accessories and tools, including a full wheel protection package, heavy-duty filter regulators, a reverse switch, 1.5 hp motors and more.

Coats ProGuard Leverless
Coats says it has developed a faster, easy-to-use tire changer specifically engineered for oversized, run-flat or low-profile applications. The Coats ProGuard Leverless tire changer features a special design that reduces the risk of tire or wheel damage associated with changing low-profile and run-flat tires, the company said. In addition to leverless operation, the tire changer has built-in features that take the strain out of tire changing: lifting, prepping, bead loosening, mounting and demounting can all be done with easy-to-use controls from a single operator location, the maker noted.




Hunter Auto28
Hunter said its Auto28 tire changer’s automated functions and powerful, high-torque motor can service all wheel designs with minimum effort. The patented tool head extracts the bead gently without the use of bead levers, reducing stress on the bead and the operator, the company explained. The motor exerts 850 ft.-lbs. of torque and includes a variable-speed drive to handle the most stubborn assemblies. Wheels clamp safely through the hub, not to the rim edge, providing simple, fast and safe clamping for all wheel designs. Other standard features, like the bead rollers and a bead press arm, simplify the mounting of difficult assemblies, Hunter noted.



Hofmann Monty 3300 Racing AT Plus
Hofmann, a division of Snap-on Equipment, offers the Monty 3300 Racing AT Plus semi-automatic tilt-tower style leverless tire changer. The changer uses conventional style wheel clamping, with maximum 24-inch outside clamping (28 inches with optional kit). Bead breaking is accomplished using a conventional bead breaker shoe handling wheel widths from 1.5 inches to 17 inches wide. A laser dot identifies the rim edge for precise positioning of the leverless mounting head, the company noted. A pneumatically-controlled finger, inserted between the tire bead and the rim edge, raises the tire bead for demounting without the need of a tire lever. For mounting, the unit’s pressing roller and pressing foot provide hands-free mounting of the toughest tire beads, the maker said.





John Bean ATC 1000
John Bean, a division of Snap-on Equipment, has introduced a fully automatic, laser-guided tire changing system, the John Bean ATC 1000. A single joystick control is all that is required for the entire mount/demount process, according to the manufacturer. The technician has minimal steps to perform to safely mount all tire types, including run-flat tires, the company noted. The intelligent wheel lift measures the tire diameter, and while the wheel is being raised, the turntable is automatically positioned at the wheel’s center. A hydraulically-controlled clamp automatically applies optimal clamping force. The wheel’s edge is identified by laser, and computer-controlled, robotic bead removal tools automatically position to break both tire beads. Tire mounting is even easier: the joystick and mounting tools automatically mount both the lower and upper beads.


Tesco M928 Royal
The M928 Royal from Tesco can change the lowest profile and run-flat tires on the market today, up to 30 inches. With the touch-less demount head you will never worry about scratching the most expensive wheels, according to the manufacturer. The tire changer comes complete with wheel lift, articulating bead press arm, universal adapter, light truck tire adapter and drop center reverse adapter. A smooth, auto two-speed torque sensor in the motor allows for the most delicate work. On the website, go to the Tire Equipment tab and click on Changers, then scroll down to the M928 and choose the “Run-Flat Demo” to watch this machine at work.





Tire Service Equipment has been manufacturing the CH-22/23 tire changing station in the U.S. since the late 1990s. The unit, a high-quality manual tire changer, accommodates any wheel from 4 inches to 16.5 inches. The triangular-positioned clamping jaws adjust to the specific wheel size, holding the tire and wheel firmly in place. The unit comes equipped with two center-pivot posts tapered on each end to fit four standard bearing sizes. Also, the manufacturer’s CH-4 Mongoose mount/demount tool comes with every unit. An optional diamond-plate floor plate makes the unit stable and easy to move around the shop, the company added.

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