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Product Spotlight: Brakes & Friction Materials

The latest brakes and friction materials are designed to fight rust, corrosion and peeling so drivers get the longest performance out of their brake system. New technology helps brakes absorb vibration for quieter stops while displacing heat and cutting down on brake dust.

ACDelco has added a proprietary surface coating to its police car brake pads that helps reduce the break-in period and improves pre-burnished brake effectiveness. According to the company, the coating is designed specifically for police applications and is suitable for both patrol and high-speed-pursuit situations. It is applied to the friction surface during manufacturing using a highly controlled process to ensure uniform coverage and applied density. The pads cover Chevrolet Caprice, Impala and Tahoe; Ford Crown Victoria and Interceptor; and Dodge Charger police vehicles.  

Beck/Arnley said its line of 089 Foreign Branded Brake Pads are sourced by application from leading OE-approved suppliers and provide the import nameplate specialist with first-rate import brands that are a direct equivalent to the OEM. The 089 program includes 358 part numbers that cover 7,628 applications. Beck/Arnley carries the top reliable Asian and European brands that are OE in the box, including Akebono, Sumitomo, ATE, Mintex, Advics, Pagid, Textar, Jurid, Nissin, TRW, Sangsin, Hitachi and Ferodo. Whether ceramic, organic or semi-metallic, the material is driven by the OE application, the company said, adding the friction products provide excellent heat dissipation and stable braking action.

Bendix said its CQ ceramic brake pads virtually eliminate noise, dust and performance-related braking issues. These ceramic disc pads include premium insulators and feature angled chamfers and slots for superior noise abatement. In addition, all the necessary hardware for a complete brake installation is included in every box, the manufacturer added.

Bosch offers OE-quality QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pads for medium-duty trucks. Launched in mid-2012, Bosch’s QuietCast line of medium-duty disc brake pads is manufactured using OE friction formulas or friction formula upgrades. The maker added QuietCast medium-duty pads are designed to give superior braking performance: stopping power, increased pad life, quiet stops, low dust and great pedal feel. Bosch said its blends of friction material are application-specific – based on factors that affect braking such as vehicle weight and typical duty cycles for medium-duty trucks. Friction compounds are selected to ensure quiet, reliable and long-lived braking.

Magneti Marelli
Magneti Marelli all-makes brake pad kits sold by Mopar are the right choice for dealerships, independent repair shops and DYIers, the company said. They come complete with all the hardware for easier installation, less vehicle downtime and reduced possibility of premature wear-out. The high quality friction materials used allow for ultra-quiet braking and the elimination of brake dust. Available in semi-metallic and ceramic formulas, these brakes provide excellent stopping power and superior braking performance, Mopar said, adding this means less squeaky brakes and less customer complaints.  

Tenneco said its new Monroe Brakes ProSolution brake pads feature premium-grade friction formulations and pad designs, and are priced to help shops attract and retain budget-minded customers. Positioned as a premium technology available at a mid-range price, Monroe ProSolution pads complement the company’s popular total solution offering of Monroe Ceramics and Monroe Dynamics ultra-premium pads in a program designed to help distributors, jobbers and service providers increase their shares of the brake repair market. 

Nucap said its Brake Align hub correction plates are the simplest, least costly and most effective solution for eliminating brake pulsation caused by excessive lateral runout and disc thickness variation. Easy to install and available in three sizes for hundreds of vehicles, Brake Align corrects runout up to .009 inches over specification without requiring an on-the-car brake lathe, costly wheel hub bearing replacements, or cutting a new rotor.

PFC said its corrosion-resistant protective coating extends the life of brake pads by preventing rust, corrosion and peeling – even through high amounts of salt exposure and high temperatures. PFC’s coating not only protects every surface of brake pads, but also saves the life of discs from excess rust and wear, according to the maker. PFC’s coating also endured salt spray and high temperature testing, resulting in zero coat peeling and minimal to zero rust. Other protective coatings result in corrosion, peeling and almost full rust coverage, PFC said.

TMD Friction
TMD Friction recently launched the Textar Air Disc Brake Pads catalog for commercial vehicles in North America. The catalog features TMD’s Textar line of OE friction materials in the most popular pad shapes for the North American market. Also included are application, dimensional and cross-reference charts for easy identification of the correct pad for specific vehicle application. TMD added its Textar ADB pads are engineered for specific applications – from on-highway and trailer to transit, coach and even refuse.

Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT brake pads feature highly advanced, proprietary ceramic formulations and Federal-Mogul’s exclusive dynamic noise absorption technology, which targets and absorbs vibration at the point of contact for quieter braking, according to the maker. Each formulation also includes thermal-
sensitive properties that adapt to the wide range of temperatures encountered during everyday driving to help ensure superior stopping performance. In addition, Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT and ThermoQuiet semi-metallic brake pads utilize Federal-Mogul’s Integrally Molded Insulator one-piece pad design and laser-shaped friction technology.

Worldpac said it offers an all brakes, all brands parts program including more than 31,000 part numbers cataloged under 120 different brake-related product categories. Available brands include Akebono, ATE, Aisin, Advics, Brembo, Bosch, Hella Pagid, PBR, Mountain, Nissin, Pilenga, Sangsin, Textar, TRW, WBR, Zimmermann and more. The company said it also offers specialty brake tools and equipment. The complete Worldpac inventory includes over 110,000 automotive replacement parts for import and domestic vehicles sourced from OEMs.

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