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Online Technology Drives Sales, Expansion at Inter-Sprint

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) “Business is going really well. We are changing over to a new warehouse, and on 2 May, we became the official importer of Double Coin truck tyres across Europe,” says Inter-Sprint’s Wim Zoet, summing up all the recent developments at Dutch wholesaler.


Furthermore, the two seemingly individual events are actually interlinked. When the news that Inter-Sprint was to open an 80,000-square-metre warehouse reached the manufacturer behind the Double Coin brand (Shanghai Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd.), they got in touch with Inter-Sprint to discuss a European distribution arrangement. According to Wim Zoet, as far as the Chinese company is concerned, more space means more tyres, resulting in more sales.

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The Double Coin range, which is distributed by Kirkby Tyres in the U.K. and Ireland, features 21 “highway service” application tyres, five drive axle products, eight mixed service (on and off road) application tyres and six OTR and industrial tyre products.

Like other large wholesaling operations, Inter-Sprint stockholding capacity is actually greater than its warehousing space. Inter-Sprint’s current warehousing space has room for between 1.3 and 1.4 million tyres, with the remaining approximately 400,000 tyres stored in overflow container storage.

According to Wim Zoet, the increased customer demand that has led it to supply so many tyres stems largely from its e-commerce software. “You have to listen to customers who say we have the most sophisticated computer systems currently on the market.”

The software is reportedly easy to use and this helps companies who perhaps don’t have the most experience of computers. “You can get all the information you want with two fingers!” adds Zoet. Computer ordering systems have other benefits too – there are no problems when it comes to handling enquiries. And, “if all customers sell a little more, business is good.” Then, in turn, this positive feeling gets passed on by word of mouth, according to Zoet.


So, which markets are most important to Inter-Sprint? “The domestic (Dutch) market is always most important; we are really strong there,” Zoet comments, explaining that the U.K. and German markets also remain important to Inter-Sprint. In the last year, the company has experienced an 8 per cent increase in sales in the German market, with a similarly strong 6% rise in U.K. market sales. “Its all about having the right partners and making business a win-win situation,” he concludes.

As far as the company’s product range is concerned, recent announcements include the news that a new winter Roadhog product is in development and on its way to market.

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