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NHTSA Hosting Public Meeting on Automated Vehicles


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced it will host public meetings about the safe operation of automated vehicles on April 8. automatic-breaking


As part of the meeting, NHTSA is seeking input on planned guidelines for the safe deployment and operation of automated vehicles. The intent of the operational guidance is to encourage innovative and safe deployment of automated vehicle technologies, NHTSA said.

Topics up for discussion include:

  • Evaluation and testing of scenarios the AV system should detect and correctly operate in
  • Detection and communication of operational boundaries
  • Environmental operation and sensing
  • Driver transitioning to/from AV operating mode
  • Consider data recording capabilities of system(s)
  • Crash avoidance capability
  • Electronics systems safety.
  • Non-passenger AVs
  • Aspects of AV technology that may not be suitable or ready for guidelines.
  • Identification of industry voluntary standards, best practices, etc., related to automated vehicle operation.
  • Information AV’s may need to communicate to pedestrians and other vehicles (manual or automated) just as a driver would.

Registration is necessary for all attendees. To register click here.

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