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New Press-On Tires, Intensity Tool from Camso

In response to trends in materials handling, Camso is introducing three new press-on (PON) tire designs, engineered for high- and medium-intensity applications.


The materials handling industry has evolved significantly in recent years. Larger forklift models are using more specialized attachments to increase carry capabilities. These material movers now carry heavier loads in tighter spaces while moving faster. Add to this increased travel distance and less cool-down time between jobs and you can see the increase of intensity and demands on forklift tires.

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“When operating in such high intensity applications, tires are pushed beyond their limits and are very likely to experience heat build-up. This can result in rubber fatigue or even thermal tire failure causing unscheduled forklift downtime,” says Erick Bellefleur, product line executive director of Material Handling at Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal. “As the world’s largest manufacturer of press-on tires, we know that downtime is not an option for material handling operations.”

In response to trends, Camso is introducing three new press-on (PON) tire designs, engineered for high- and medium-intensity applications.  The tires were shared with media, tire dealers and guests at a unique launch event at Camp Thunderbird, a YMCA camp just outside of Charlotte, N.C.


Unlike a good-better-best approach to the product line, Camso instead is designing for the intensity of the application and a consistent lifespan, lasting the same number of hours with the difference in the intensity requirements of the application.

“Fleet owners expect maximum life for a tire regardless of the intensity of their job,” says Bellefleur. “Our new tire technologies deliver maximum durability by minimizing internal heat build-up.”

Solideal PON 775

The all-new Solideal PON 775 by Camso is specifically designed for high-intensity applications, with unique innovations in design and compounds to withstand more challenging conditions. When compared to the Solideal Magnum SM ERP, the Solideal PON 775:

  •    Delivers 90% better resistance to internal heat build-up;
  •    Shows 70% better energy efficiency due to low-rolling-resistance rubber compounds;
  •    Provides 45% longer tire life due to an abrasion-resistant tread compound.

The Solideal PON 775 also features a unique and patented sidewall design, which helps to relieve stress on the tire edges and reduce ground pressure. It also includes a wear indicator and has the look of a racing slick versus a traditional solid press-on. A full range of sizes is available, up to and including a new 33-inch tire.


Solideal PON 555 and PON 550

Camso’s medium-intensity Solideal PON 555 and PON 550 has been revamped as enhanced versions of the Magnum traction and smooth models. By improving the materials and tire construction process, these new tires will provide:

  •    45% longer tire life
  •    6% better resistance to internal heat build-up
  •    8% improved energy efficiency

Together, the new Solideal PON 775 and the Solideal PON 555 and 550 were designed as a series to bring maximum lifespan for different application intensities and to provide customers with the lowest operating cost solution.


Understanding Application Intensity

To help materials handling users better understand tire needs, Camso has developed its usage intensity calculator, a web-based tool that quantifies different levels of forklift application intensities. Fact-based, built on thousands of hours of testing, it takes into account parameters like lift capacity, working environment as well as idle, travel and maneuvering time. In a few clicks, the systems outputs a forklifts’ application intensity score. You can find the tool here:

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