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Michelin Backs Greenfleet Drive Day at Silverstone

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Groupe Michelin will actively support the GreenFleet drive-day event at Silverstone on Apr. 11.


The company says the event will demonstrate the value of its new Primacy HP tyres, which are said to deliver “at least 25% more miles than equivalent competitors’ products and the huge fuel saving benefits of its Energy low rolling resistance tyre range.”


Michelin will have three vehicles available to drive, a Peugeot 607 HDi which is fitted with the new Primacy HP tyre as original equipment, a new Renault Clio fitted with Michelin Energy, demonstrating economical miles per gallon figures and the Ford Focus BioFuel running on Michelin Primacy HP tyres.

Primacy HP is the latest Michelin product and is said to offer long life, improved fuel consumption and class-leading handling and braking. Independent tests carried out by Germany’s TUV vehicle testing organisation show that Primacy HP delivers at least 25% more miles than tyres of similar quality and specification.

“Extended mileage and lower fuel consumption coupled with premium handling, braking and safety qualities are the hallmark of Michelin products and these benefits are particularly valuable to the fleet user who is always looking to minimise vehicle operating expenses,” says Rob Foreman, Michelin UK’s fleet sales manager. “The GreenFleet day is an ideal shop window for our products and we expect many of our fleet customers to attend.”


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