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Manage Inventory Systems to Your Advantage


As we approach 2010 we can no longer look at inventory management as we once did. Now, we must look at not only the best point-of-sale software at the front service counter, but also back office operations and tire storage racks. Making the most use out of tying all three together will make a shop more efficient and profitable.

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Before anything else happens, employees at the point-of-sale must have a quick and efficient software solution for the customer. They also must be well-schooled enough to understand that with just a few clicks of the mouse they can see information – including brand, size and price – about inventory on hand, as well as at other locations, dealers, distributors and manufacturers.

Further, counter staff can process major credit cards, plus debit cards, quickly and easily. Shops no longer need to purchase and maintain outdated credit card terminals and printers. Counter staff can also deposit payments directly into your bank account.

Links from POS software to back office systems mean that with just another few clicks, employees can find the needed tires, parts, labor and service intervals. The back office can process customer invoices and vendor orders. Using the combined strength of technology, any dealer can streamline business and successfuly integrate point-of-sale computers to the back office and to inventory control.


In addition, many inventory systems also offer automatic reordering of SKUs that are close to running short.

Keep in mind that in order to speed up inventory management, modern tire storage racks – which can store roughly 2,500 tires without compromising employee safety or the integrity of the tires – can be constructed to coordinate with your inventory system.

The racks, which can be expanded or contracted to meet your needs, are available as wall mounts, portable storage systems and multilevel catwalks to maximize storage space.

Of course, every item placed into the storage rack system must be scanned and electronically entered into your inventory system. This is not a difficult task, and while it requires time, it will surely eliminate possible delays and errors when it comes to finding the right item.

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Business Operations

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Business Operations

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