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Kplus 30 Boosts Kraiburg’s Sales

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) One year after being launched, the high-performance Kplus 30 special compound tyres from Kraiburg Austria are successfully established on the market.


Of the 11,000 tonnes of precured treads that the company sold in Europe, 1,500 tonnes were notched up by the premium range Kraiburg plus, representing a remarkable 13% of total sales.

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In Germany, the pre-cured Kplus 30 currently generates 8% of sales. That brings the current overall market share of Kraiburg plus to 2% in the core market of precure tyres. In conjunction with its 12 authorised retreading partners, who together cover more than 50% of the Kraiburg precured retreading market, Kraiburg is planning to gradually further exploit the existing market potential in Germany.

Three months ago, Kraiburg welcomed a new, strong partner: Feneberg, a company based in Kempten, Germany. With 16 locations, the plant in the Alpine region of AllgÄu now covers the entire Southwest.

The Czech market is, so far, the biggest success for Kraiburg plus: Just under 30% of all precure Kraiburg treads sold there, equivalent to the material requirements for 19,000 large tyres for trucks, feature the distinctive yellow stripe of the premium range. Kraiburg plus thus has a sizeable 7% marketshare of all precured tyres sold in the country. Besides Germany and the Czech Republic, Kraiburg plus premium tyres are sold mainly in Poland, Sweden, France, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.

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