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Indian Tyre Production Up 18%

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) The latest ATMA figures show that during the month of July, Indian tyre production rose 18 per cent year on year, to 6.354 million units.


This follows a 19% year-on-year growth in production during June (06/2005: 5.19 million units; 06/2006: 6.187 million). The latest increase was fuelled by sharp rises in passenger car and tractor tyre production. Passenger car tyre production reached 1.28 million units in July, up 16% compared with the same time last year.

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Agricultural tyre production rocketed 26% for front tyres, 15% for rear axle products and 38% for trailer products. July 2006 volumes in this segment totalled 145,484; 107,592; and 56,211 respectively.

Interestingly, the sharp production increases were not generally reflected in the export figures. In July, exports were down 1% year-on-year after growing 3% year-on-year in July. Most sub-segments were down in July, with the exception of light truck tyres, which were up 7% to 117,937 units; motorcycles – up 30% to 9,011 units; and OTR tyres – up 61% to 3,284 units.

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