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How Text-to-Pay Eliminates Payment Headaches

Finance can be a huge headache for shop owners. It’s important to get paid for the work you do, but there can be significant challenges to collecting the payment when the repair is completed. Have you ever looked across the counter and wondered, “Is this transaction going to be a dream or a nightmare?”

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The search for contactless options has led many shop owners to implement text-to-pay systems. What was once a “nice to have” option has quickly become a “must-have” business tool. In this episode of Shop Owner Solutions, Doug Kaufman and Vic Tarasik talk with Jesse Meddaugh from 360 Payments in San Jose, California, and Charlie Marcotte from American Pride Automotive in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Listen to the full podcast episode here.


Shop Owner Solutions is intended to help you avoid the 3 a.m. panic. Together, Vic and Doug will explore the things that cause you the most stress, put your anxiety into high gear and keep you from feeling like you’re achieving the success you deserve.

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