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Find Good Help Wherever You Are

Think it’s tough finding help where you are? Try doing it in Fairbanks, AK – Mike Simard says it takes a system.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

The most important investment you can make is in something you’ll never have enough of or ever get back.

Choosing What You Need When Offered it All

It’s tempting to take every option, but choosing wisely is healthier for business. This podcast is sponsored by Shopboss.

Can Saying ‘No’ Be the Secret to Success?

Sometimes not taking a job may be the best thing for your business. This podcast is sponsored by Shop Boss.

How Text-to-Pay Eliminates Payment Headaches

In this episode, Vic and Doug discuss the benefits of text-to-pay systems as a contactless payment option.

SOS Podcast Text-To-Pay
Employee Reviews Don’t Have To Be Scary

In this episode, Vic and Doug discuss how how to turn employee reviews into beneficial conversations for your business.

SOS-600x300-AMS-E5 1400
Don’t Be Intimidated by Digital Inspections

In this episode, Vic and Doug discuss how digital vehicle inspections provide transparency between tire dealers and customers.

More than Auto Repair: Make it Easier to Get Paid for Services

In this episode, Vic and Doug discuss new technology in the credit card processing industry and how it affects shop owners with Steve Ciabottoni from 360 Payments.

How Partnerships Can Help Achieve Your Marketing Goals

In this episode of the Shop Owner Solutions Podcast, Shop Owner Editor Doug Kaufman, and Vic Tarasik, founder of Shop Owner Coach, talk about how shop owners can better set and achieve their goals in marketing to bring in more customers to their shop.

Shop Owners: What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

Listen to Shop Owner Solutions, a new podcast from Tire Review sister publication Shop Owner, about how two shop owners have faced business challenges and turned them around into success stories that propel their businesses into the future.

Shop Owner Solutions Podcast - What Would you Tell Your Younger self