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Hand Tools Are Still Irreplaceable


Here’sa handy bit of advice: hand tools in a tire dealership aren’t about todisappear anytime soon. Despite living in a digital age – and despitethe best technological efforts of aftermarket suppliers – there isstill no better way to remove a stuck radiator hose, heater hose or fanbelt than a hose puller.

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It’s the same with a valve core tool,which allows you to remove and install valve cores and valve core caps.That’s because the double-ended core driver reverses in the tool body.The reversible driver fits both large and small valve cores and usesthe reverse end to remove and install valve core caps. The long handlewill even access inside dual wheels, and the lightweight aluminum bodyis equipped with a pocket clip, says its maker.

Anotherindispensable hand tool is a coil spring compressor set comprised oftwo spring compressors, drop forges, heat-treated steel, chrome platedcompressor jaws, machined steel bolts and the advantage of quick andsafe removal or installation of springs. This hand tool extends fromapproximately 3 to 9 inches and is adjustable to fit most strut sizes.

Speakingof hand tools, how about the most used – and most overlooked – tool?The trusty screwdriver. No tech can count the number of times each daythat they reach for one, and few can recall the last time they bought afull set. Why? Because today’s screw drivers, hex tools and torx toolsare as durable as they are reliable.


There’s more: yet anotherhand tool maker claims its brake bleed comes with adaptors plus twobrake bleed hoses, automatic fill nozzle, syringe, fill funnel andplastic cup.

There are other hand tools, one of which is notablebecause it allows users to rethread the inside and outside of the valvestem. This hand tool allows techs to insert, tighten and remove thevalve core, even if its shoulders are broken.

Just to be surewhere you stand, a recent Tire Review study shows that the averageautomotive technician has a hand tool collection valued at more than$20,000 and a tool cabinet worth thousands more.

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