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Goodyear Blimps Aid Tornado Relief Efforts


Normally Goodyear’s iconic blimps cover exciting, joyous events. In the wake of recent devastating tornados in the south and Midwest, the blimps are now carrying a new message.

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Working with Department of Homeland Security/FEMA, the three-blimp U.S. fleet is flashing messages seeking tornado-relief donations to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army.

The airships, Spirit of Goodyear in Ohio, Spirit of Innovation in Florida and Spirit of America in California, are using their LED signs to display disaster relief messages directing people to donate by text via The Salvation Army or The American Red Cross.  For those not inclined to use texting there is a third message directing readers to a disaster relief website a

The messages run through June 13 over major sports events and other public appearances planned.  

"Goodyear’s blimps add a wide reach and unique nature to our messages," said FEMA’s Director of Private Sector Dan Stoneking. "We greatly appreciate their willingness to provide very valuable assistance at a time of great need."

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