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Dunlop India Managers Allegedly Beaten Up

The tyre trade can be a ruthless business sometimes…Two Dunlop India managers have reportedly been beaten up by members of the INTUC employee’s union at the company’s Sahagunj factory.


The Calcutta based Telegraph newspaper reports that, on the afternoon of Dec. 17, the men were attacked following accusations of attempting to smuggle machinery out of the closed unit. One of the two was taken to a hospital for observation.

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According to information provided by the company to police attending the incident, the officials were attacked while trying to intervene after “a vehicle carrying diesel for a generator” was stopped. Deputy manager S.L. Pande was apparently, while attempting to explain the vehicle’s presence, beaten up by what has been described as a ‘mob,’ allegedly led by INTUC executive member Sunil Malakar. Human resource manager Ashok Singh, who “tried to pacify the mob,” was then attacked. The company has described the assault on Singh, who has been hospitalised, as an “attempt to murder.”


Malakar has denied the assault, reports the Telegraph. He said the “workers protested after seeing a truck carrying factory equipment.” Local police say that both sides have lodged reports, and police are “looking into both complaints.” (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.)

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