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Dobac Brings Online Training System to Latin Markets

Dobac International has deployed a new online training platform to improve opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean customers.


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With a growing need for information and training in new vehicle systems, Dobac International has created a new online training platform to improve opportunities for its Latin American and Caribbean customers.

Panama-based Dobac, a member of the Federated Auto Parts Group, created Kashima System, which includes its Kashima University. The online training has five modules to prepare technicians for enhanced electronic systems diagnostics, along with a complete data support system and call center support.

To create the system, Dobac joined forces with other members of the network Automotive Parts Services Group (APSG) to use training and information technology APSG had to support its customers.


Through APSG connections, Dobac President and CEO Jorge Carbonell worked with Group Eina, ADI Spain’s educational arm, to create the system.

“We were excited to find that Group Eina had everything we need to support our customers’ needs and were ready to help,” said Carbonell. “This process allows our most progressive shops to have everything they need to compete with the OE dealer and provide high quality service at competitive prices.”

Carbonell said Dobac currently has 200 shops involved in a pilot program, which has garnered positive response.

Dobac plans to deliver new tools and products through the Kashima System to support technicians with enhanced knowledge and capabilities in order to offset the support costs with higher sales from the new product lines. The Kashima System will also make new marketing capabilities available to customers with the launch of customer websites and a shop locator app, along with other digital tools better customer service.

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