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Cooper Unveils New Evolution Tire Line

Cooper Tire introduced its new Evolution tire line at SEMA this week. The line, which includes the previously released Evolution H/T as well as the soon-to-be-available Evolution Tour and Evolution Winter tires.


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Cooper Tire introduced its new Evolution tire line at SEMA this week. The line, which includes the previously released Evolution H/T as well as the soon-to-be-available Evolution Tour and Evolution Winter tires, offers consumers the performance, handling and durability synonymous with Cooper at a mid-tier price point in the Cooper portfolio. The Evolution line will be on display at the show through Nov. 3.  

Cooper’s new Evolution products complement the popular Discoverer line of products by providing consumers expanded choice in the Cooper brand. According to Scott Jamieson, Cooper’s Director of Product Management for North America, “Evolution is by definition the process of change or development. Cooper launched the Evolution tire line as part of our movement toward demystifying the tire selection process. We are streamlining our product offerings to make tire buying less complicated for consumers. With this addition, consumers have their choice of which Cooper product is right for them based features such as mileage warranty and technology.”


The Evolution product line currently includes:

Evolution Tour

An all-season passenger car tire designed for a smooth and comfortable ride, the Evolution Tour offers reliable traction, long life and fuel efficiency. The tire features Cooper’s proprietary 3D Micro-Gauge siping that extends the entire depth of the tire’s tread, ensuring even wear throughout the life of the tire. In addition, a five-rib tread pattern and wide lateral shoulder grooves help prevent hydroplaning and Cooper’s Stabiledge technology holds the tread steady for better dry traction, enhanced stability and a solid feel. The tire can help save money at the pump as well through its lighter, more fuel efficient design. The Evolution Tour offers a 60,000-mile warranty for H/V-rated tires and a 65,000-mile warranty for T-rated tires. The Evolution Tour will be available in 48 popular sizes when launched for consumers in April.  


Evolution Winter

The Evolution Winter is designed for performance in the variable conditions that come with winter driving. With a tread design optimized for powering through deep snow and Cooper’s Snow-Groove technology, which channels snow into the tire tread for biting snow-on-snow grip,  the tire  conquers snow-covered roadways. The Evolution Winter has earned Cooper’s Weather-Master certification, joining the best-performing winter tires Cooper has to offer for its tested and trusted performance including superior stopping distance in winter weather. The tire is quiet and capable, and offers the ability to be studded for extreme grip. Replacing the Weather-Master S/T2, the Evolution Winter will be available to consumers in fall 2018 in 48 popular sizes for passenger cars and crossover vehicles.


Evolution H/T

Released in May, the Evolution H/T, an all-season highway tire available in 28 popular sizes for crossover vehicles (CUV), sport utility vehicles (SUV) and light duty pick-up trucks, offers quality performance, superior handling and a comfortable ride. Among the tire’s features is Cooper’s proprietary 3D Micro-Gauge siping to help maintain wet traction and stability as well as a silica compound to improve grip and handling in both wet and dry conditions and to displace heat to keep the tire cooler. The silica compound also helps shorten braking distance and improve fuel efficiency. The Evolution H/T is quiet, with tread elements uniquely positioned to minimize tire noise, and its tread profile provides even wear and long tread life. The tire also boasts strong hydroplane resistance due to wide water channels that efficiently evacuate water from the tread area and a 60,000-mile warranty.

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