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Club 3633 Profile: Huseyin Ozkumru

Huseyin Ozkumru, 29
M.I.C. Tire Pros

While any dealership’s goal is to build trust with the customer, one of Huseyin Ozkumru’s main goals is to ensure that every customer leaves with either a handshake or a hug.

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“I enjoy working with customers and getting to know them. I treat them like family and they continue to come back,” Ozkumru says.

Ozkumru started working part time for his father while studying to become a police officer. Nine years later, part-time work turned into a full-time position with the tire dealership.

Today, Ozkumru is being groomed to take over his father’s share of M.I.C. Tire Pros and one day co-own the dealership with L.P. Vollano. In his current role as manager, Ozkumru maintains inventory and oversees the counter staff and technicians.


“I feel like success comes from hard work, dedication and from a love of what you do,” he shares. “When a customer comes and thanks us – or only wants to deal with me – that makes me feel good. It makes me feel successful.”

Ozkumru says that he learned about hard work and dedication from his father. Coming to the United States from Cyprus, his father worked to learn English and establish a life in America, working as a manager at a dealership until eventually becoming co-owner.

“To know what he went through and just watching what he did to get to where he is now – just watching that is the best advice that anyone could have,” Ozkumru says.


FUN FACT: If he could meet anyone living or dead, Ozkumru would love to meet Michael Jackson and learn how to dance to “Thriller” from the master himself.


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