BKT Works to Create Sustainable Future

BKT Works to Create Sustainable Future

Sustainability has been a major focus for many companies over the past several years. Many businesses have committed to providing sustainable manufacturing to reduce environmental footprints, eliminate waste, increase safety and efficiency, and create corporate responsibility.

In order to protect our natural resources, initiatives have been taken toward sustainability, including reducing emissions, living cleaner lifestyles and recycling materials. Many governments have even designed laws designated to advance sustainability practices, such as the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and Renewable Fuel Standards.

BKT has been a leader in sustainability for several years. BKT believes it is the key to healthy growth and producing tires responsibly. Because of the green energy generated through wind and solar projects on the manufacturing sites, many of the electrical needs of BKT’s plants are being met. The first windmill was set up in 2004, and now green energy supplies 50% of the electricity for its production plants in North India.

Many other improvements have been made to our manufacturing facilities over the past few years. Coal fire burners have been replaced with gas-fired boilers, water is now recycled from large on-site water reservoirs and solar panels are being implemented.

Because of these green initiatives, BKT has been awarded several certifications and awards for sustainability practices. The ISO 14001:2015 certification and the District Sustainability Award by the US Department of Energy & Environment has been obtained, as well as many energy conservation awards.

BKT is dedicated to continuing toward its path to full sustainability by conserving water, managing waste, and materials management. The goal is for all plants to be fed with solar power by 2025.

These are just a few ways BKT strives to keep the company’s core values of quality, trust, excellence, innovation and leadership.

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