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How BKT Keeps Up With the Needs of Logistics Operations

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With the challenges and demands increasing in logistics operations, the vehicles and the tires they run must be designed to handle intense and extreme conditions. In industrial operations, forklifts, container handlers, reach stackers, and skid steers, machines can be running 24 hours per day, seven days per week, so increased productivity is important. Moving the most product in the least amount of time is the ultimate goal. 

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Choosing a tire that can endure the challenges of the environment and reduce any unnecessary downtime is crucial in industrial operations. The tires in these operations need to provide stability, traction, high load capacity, strength, and driver comfort. Some machines run at high speeds while others at high heats. Others run on smooth surfaces, while some on rough, sharp terrains. The tires used need to be designed to handle the specific environments and conditions in which they operate for maximum performance.

BKT is continually developing new compounds to help tires last longer and wear better. Some of the compounds are highly resistant to cutting and tearing, while others withstand ultra-high heat, or transport heavy loads while maintaining improved TMPH. 


For forklifts, the MagLift line of tires provides the best performance for both safety and load capacity. They have special compounds to improve resistance to cuts and tears and give excellent load distribution for increased stability. The All-Steel LIFTMAX line gives maximum strength in the casing with low rolling resistance for a lower operating cost and longer life cycle. LiftMax ensures driver comfort and stability even at higher speeds.

Container handlers in port operations benefit from the Power Trax HD model. The extra sidewall protection, tough casing, and cut and chip resistance prevent damage against flats and punctures. 


Reach stackers need tires that provide extra stability when lifting heavy objects. The Portmax PM 90 is a strong all-steel tire with an anti-static compound to ensure heat resistance and extend tire life. It offers reduced rolling resistance to improve fuel economy as well.

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