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BKT: The Versatility of Hybrid Tire Designs


Hybrid is a word that has gained prominence as these types of vehicles penetrate the car parc, along with EVs. But, what does a hybrid tire mean for the agricultural industry? BKT’s Alexa Moeller explains in this video from BKT’s Growing Together Center.


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In the ag world, a hybrid tire is a mix between an R1 chevron agricultural tread and an R3 industrial block tread. More and more, tractors are running on the roads and highways and need to have longer-lasting performance, as well as traction and cleaning properties for the field.

Designed with an industrial tread in the middle of the tire and an ag tire tread on the outside, both combine to provide durability, traction and load-carrying capacity in the field.

This video is sponsored by BKT.

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