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BKT Issues Statement Regarding India Tire Plant Rumors

BKT has issued a statement regarding rumors regarding COVID-19 and its tire plants in India.


BKT Jt. Managing Director Rajiv Poddar has issued the following statement regarding the operating status of the company’s tire plants in India:

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Dear Partners,

Hope you are fine and keeping healthy.

As you must be aware, the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has hit very hard in India. Although seemingly under control, the current situation is not very optimistic in terms of record number of cases reported or the related medical shortages. The situation on the ground is dire. Fortunately, our team in India and around the world, is safe and constantly striving to keep the business at the normal levels.

BKT is standing firm in our company values, in putting customers first, in teaming and working together for the best outcomes, in deciding and acting in a way that makes an impact, and in learning and adapting so that we can help our employees and customers adjust to this situation. As a resilient organization, we have extensive experience in planning for and responding to a wide variety of situations. Our teams are closely monitoring developments in the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and are taking the appropriate steps to help maintain the ongoing health and safety of our employees and customers.


Further, we would like to highlight that some unscrupulous elements in the market have been trying to spread rumours that production at BKT plants has been hit due to the virus outbreak or lockdown in India. They are either using last year’s customer advisories released by us or creating new (fabricated) stories about these rumours.

We would like to clarify and assert that all our plants are running smoothly with average 95% capacity as we have minimized the impact of this second wave of Corona virus with timely measures. You would have observed the same in the shipments till date, which were executed as per plans. Although, the raw material as well as container availability are two major factors contrasting with our production / shipment plans, even for the month of May 2021 we do not foresee any disruption on account of the pandemic. Until now, the central or state government in India has not stalled the production at any location of our plant and we do not foresee the same happening in the near future. In case there is any disruption, you would hear it first from BKT as an official communication.


This letter is intended to assure you about production and business continuity at our end; and to alert you of any misleading or fake rumours being spread by the competition. Wishing great health and safety for yourself as well as your team!

With best wishes,

Rajiv Poddar, Jt. Managing Director

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