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Big O Tire’s 60th Anniversary Celebrates the Past, Embraces the Future

After three years without a conference celebrating its company’s success and accomplishments, Big O Tire was able to hold this year’s conference in Dallas, Texas. Both TBC and Big O tire dealers throughout the country had a major presence.

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A dinner started things off June 20, but the conference itself didn’t get started until June 21 when hundreds of dealers gathered to learn about what leaders from TBC and Big O are doing to improve the tire company for the future, as well as to celebrate the accomplishments among the last three years and the accomplishments of distinguished Big O leaders.

Check out some highlights from the first day below:

Vice President and General Manager of Big O Tires Jim Bull kicks things off with one message: This is only the beginning for the tire company.
Chief Marketing and Procurement Officer, Don Byrd, talks about being prepared to meet consumer needs in the future, including something he calls the “Amazon effect” – ensuring ease of service is at the forefront.
Vice President of Marketing, Al Urban, speaks about building for the future in regard to dealing with customers. The customer journey is so much different now than ever before, he says, so ease should be at the forefront to decrease friction and increase convenience for customers.
A TBC panel answers industry and dealer questions.
Jason Ryan Dorsey, entrepreneur and keynote speaker, talks about the future of business in general and how the next generations will influence the industry.
Introducing three new Big O Tires Hall of Fame members: Bill Skidmore, Mitch Beranek and Greg Kimberlin.

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