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2016 National Tire Safety Week Kicks Off Next Week


As millions of American drivers hit the road for Memorial Day weekend, it’s not just the start of summer, but also the beginning of National Tire Safety Week.

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From May 29-June 4, the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) initiative will be raising awareness about the importance of proper tire care.

According to an RMA survey, more than 8 in 10 motorists do not know how to properly check tire pressure, increasing the driver’s risk of tire problems due to poor maintenance. Memorial weekend alone, AAA said approximately 14% of roadside assistance calls are expected to be tire-related.

“Safety is our industry’s top priority,” said Anne Forristall Luke, RMA president and CEO. “Today’s tires are a high-tech marvel of engineering innovation that can last for tens of thousands of miles and contribute to better fuel economy but they need a few minutes of basic care each month to perform at their peak.”


As part of National Tire Safety Week awareness, RMA urges motorists to start a tire care habits that include checking tire pressure monthly and measuring and inspecting tread before long trips.

To properly check tire pressure, RMA recommends checking tire pressure before driving with a tire gauge. Drivers should use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure found on the driver’s door post or in the owner’s manual. Drivers should also inspect tire tread for punctures or other damage. Tread depth can be measured using the “penny test.”

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