Omni United CEO: How tire manufacturers can drive dealer profits in diverse markets

Omni United CEO: How tire manufacturers can drive dealer profits in diverse markets

G.S. Sareen tells us how Omni United helps tire dealers make money by focusing on the most important tire design attributes to consumers.

Succeeding as an independent tire dealer isn’t ever a “copy and paste” operation. What works for the dealer down the street isn’t necessarily going to work for you, and what works for you may not work for a dealer selling the same tires halfway across the world. Yet, it’s the same thread that lead to success for each one.

“They all want to make money,” says G.S. Sareen, president and CEO of Omni United, the manufacturer of Radar Tires. “They’re all looking for a product on which they can maximize their profit margins – and what are the things that will help them maximize their profits? Is it quality? Is your quality at par with the premiums? Are you punching above your weight in terms of performance? Are your designs better than the rest? Are you a one-stop shop for them? Can you give them the whole spectrum of products?

“It’s quality design, range and availability. Surely price competitiveness plays a role, but not as much as people think it does. I think the other aspects play a much wider role because if you don’t have those, you can give any price, it’s not going to work.”

In this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, Sareen discusses what it takes to meet the varied needs of tire dealers around the globe, noting that despite each market requiring individualized strategies, quality, design, range and availability must be consistent no matter where they do business. He also emphasizes Omni United’s commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality, and what it means to “do the right thing” as a tire manufacturer.

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