Recent trends in the mud-terrain (M/T) tire segment

Recent trends in the mud-terrain (M/T) tire segment

With more drivers outfitting their trucks and SUVs for off-road use, M/T tires turned to wider sizes and larger diameters to satisfy demands.

Mud-terrain tires, or M/T tires, are designed for activities like rock crawling, mudding and any other off-road driving. What are some other interesting trends shaping today’s mud tire market? Let’s talk about that.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a lot of changes, including a surge in outdoor recreation. This included a surge of interest in off-roading and overlanding, which require specialized tires, like mud-terrain, to traverse harsh conditions. As a result, the mud-terrain tire segment experienced steady market growth over the past few years.

With more drivers outfitting their trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps for off-road use, M/T tires proliferated into wider sizes and larger diameters to satisfy demands. Wider tires provide more traction surface area, while larger diameters increase ground clearance for extreme terrain. Many popular M/T tire models are now available in sizes up to 37 or even 40 in. in diameter, catering to even the most extreme overlanding enthusiasts who want to clear large rocks or water crossings.

In addition to an expanded range of sizing options, new sub-segments of M/T-inspired tires emerged. These offer the aggressive, rugged appearance of mud terrains but with more road-friendly features. Known as “hybrid terrain tires,” they provide traction for light off-road use along with improved on-road comfort and tread life compared to hardcore mud options.

Even automakers are getting in on the trend, offering factory-installed OE mud-terrain tires on new models branded for off-roading.

After exponential growth during the pandemic, the mud-terrain segment is forecast to level off somewhat in the coming years, but experts still predict steady demand as overlanding and hard-core off-roading maintain popularity across the U.S.

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