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TBC Corp. Names Geoff Doster President & COO

TBC Corporation has promoted Geoff Doster to president and COO for TBC Brands and TBC International. In his new role, Doster will oversee all TBC Brands and TBC International sales initiatives, including customer service, commercial tire sales, equipment and non-tire sales and operations. TBC says Doster joined the company in November 2003 as a warehouse

TBC Brands Launches Medium Radial Truck Tire Brand

Distributed by National Tire Wholesale, the Prinx medium radial truck lineup is available in several application types.

TBC Brands Introduces the Sumitomo HTR A/S P03 Tire

The new tire succeeds the Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 in ride comfort, wet braking, tread life and winter traction, the company says.

TBC Brands Introduces New Ag Tire Products

The company says the Field Pro R-Gator and Field Pro R-Gator ND have a stronger, lighter-weight construction than their predecessors.

TBC Brands Introduces Road Hazard Protection Plan

The company says customers who purchase select passenger and light truck or trailer product lines will receive the protection plan at no added cost.

TBC Brands Releases Power King Towmax Vanguard Tire

TBC says this ST radial tire provides enhancements in performance and appearance.

TBC Enhances Sailun Medium Radial Truck Tire Warranty

TBC Brands offers numerous Sailun Commercial Truck tire applications in on- and off-road traction, regional, mixed service and long haul EPT, all backed by the Sailun Advantage Warranty.

The Never-Ending Quest to Improve Fuel Efficiency

If a tire is built with the singular goal of being as fuel-efficient as possible, it is probably not going to be at the head of its class in some other areas of design, such as durability and longevity.

TBC Brands Shows Sumitomo Truck Tires at 2020 TMC Meeting

TMC Expo attendees will have a chance to win a choice of premium Sumitomo steer, drive or trailer tires through the Commercial Truck Tire Giveaway.

TBC Brands Introduces the Wild Trail All-Terrain XT Tire

TBC Brands has released its new all-terrain tire line, the Wild Trail All-Terrain XT, the successor to the Wild Trail All-Terrain.

TBC Brands Adds Two New Tire Lines to All-Terrain Segment

TBC Brands has expanded its Core Brand program with the addition of the Delta Trailcutter AT4S and Eldorado Sport Fury AT4S, both with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol.

Allen Rubber Wholesale Celebrates Fifth Annual Dealer Open House

On Oct. 5, Allen Rubber Wholesale hosted its fifth annual Dealer Open House with 450 of its dealers in attendance. The afternoon celebrated “Philly Phavs” with a block party.