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Nexen Hits Half-a-Billion Tires Made Without a Recall

Each year, Nexen Tire produces more than 42 million tires for passenger cars, CUVs/SUVs and light trucks.

Cooper to Recall Some Tires Due to Sidewall Issue

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the tires may develop a bulge or separation in the sidewall.

Cooper Recalls Some Mastercraft Grand Touring Tires

The tires may have low tread gauge in the shoulder slot area which could cause tread separation and sidewall failure, the National Highway Traffic Association Says says.

Bridgestone Issues Voluntary Safety Recall

Tires included in this recall may not comply with U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard and/or Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard performance requirements.

Foreign Tire Recalls Some Otani Commercial Truck Tires

The NHTSA says the tread may crack due to a manufacturing defect.

Cooper Recalls Some CS5, LSR Grand Touring Tires

The NHTSA says the tires may have low tread gauge in the shoulder slot area, which could cause tread separation and tire failure.

Linglong Recalls Certain Venezia Crusade HT Tires

Certain Venezia Crusade HT tires may experience a lower sidewall separation, according to the NHTSA.

Bridgestone Recalls Certain Mobile Crane Tires

The affected tires do not include the DOT symbol, tire identification number, maximum speed, maximum load and corresponding inflation pressure, and ply number/composition markings on the tire sidewall.

Automakers Launch Non-Saleable Parts/Airbag Lookup Tool

The website,, will help automakers prevent recalled and non-saleable airbags and components subject to the Takata recall from appearing in inventory at salvage yards or recycling facilities.

American Pacific Recalls Some Gladiator X-Comp Tires

According to the NHTSA, due to a manufacturing issue, the sidewall may separate from the tire.

Vee Tyre and Rubber Recalls Some Taiga A/T Tires

The NHTSA says the sidewall may separate from the tire due to a manufacturing issue.

Yokohama Tire Recalls Certain Commercial Tires

The recall was issued because the tires may have been manufactured with an out-of-specification compound.