Choosing the Right Software for Your Shop

Choosing the Right Software for Your Shop

Tech is vital to our lives - trust us: we live in it.

Just like technology is vital to our lives, it is also vital to shop operations.

Not only does technology streamline the point-of-sale process and daily operations, but today’s software also offers solutions for customer communication, inventory, repair orders and more.

In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we talk about why you should consider streamlining your shop operations with technology and software solutions.

One of the most significant shop operation improvements in recent years is the efficiency of technology. In a repair order, software can help service writers quote a set of tires, order and pay for parts, calculate the time and labor for the job, and communicate with customers about the repair order.

This automation can free up the service advisor or technicians to do what he or she were hired to — take care of customers and service vehicles.

In addition to the obvious efficiency improvements, today’s software solutions can help shops boost their bottom line. The right software systems can also help net an increase in future sales by showing purchase and service history and allowing for automated appointment scheduling on your website.

Ideally, dealers should seek complete, fully integrated system packages that combine features like POS, accounts receivable and payable, quoting and estimating and more could set you apart from competitors who do not have these systems.

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