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Once You Use Hankook Tire’s iON EV Tire Line, You Don’t Go Back

With the surging popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and a growing emphasis on sustainability in consumer choices, Hankook Tire is positioning itself at the helm of EV tire design innovation.

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With the surging popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and a growing emphasis on sustainability in consumer choices, Hankook Tire is positioning itself at the helm of EV tire design innovation. The company’s line of EV tires, the iON evo AS, iON evo and iON icept, focus on both enhancing the driving experience and reducing ecological impact.

Hankook Tire entered the EV tire market in 2022 with the introduction of its iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV to the US market. These models showcased Hankook’s iON INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY, now integral to all Hankook EV tires, which is engineered to address core EV tire challenges, including low rolling resistance, extended tread life, reduced road noise and exceptional grip performance. These iterations of Hankook’s iON line include Hankook Sound Absorber technology, offering a quiet and pleasant ride in all speed ranges.

Hankook includes “i Super Mileage” Technology in its EV tires, a blend of eco-friendly materials and high-concentration silica in its EV tires. This tech not only promotes tire longevity and health but also directly targets the accelerated and uneven tire wear typically observed in EVs. By distributing ground pressure evenly, Hankook said its EV tires ensure extended tire life, mitigating the need for frequent replacements.

Unlike internal combustion engine vehicles, EVs can potentially experience approximately 20% faster and uneven tire wear due to the added weight and instant torque these vehicles experience. Hankook’s EV tires have been meticulously designed to combat this issue by spreading ground pressure evenly, ensuring longer usage and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Hankook’s “Grip Boost” Technology is also included in each Hankook EV tire, helping to handle the extra weight of EV batteries. This technology enhanced the tiremaker’s EV tire lateral rigidity by up to 25% in the iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV. Additionally, this technology improves cornering rigidity by up to 20% when compared to all-season touring tires designed for ICE vehicles. These advancements are aimed at maximizing grip performance specifically for Hankook’s EV tire lines.

Additionally, the iON icept and iON evo models feature a mono-layer structure of fiber stiffener, which is applied to reduce rolling resistance and improve sidewall stability. Hankook EV tires also include folded-edge tape between belts for additional durability and jointless bead wire to help the tire remain safely attached to the wheel with increased binding force.

A key highlight of the iON line is the optimized multi-pitch sequencing, specifically designed to minimize tire road noise. According to Hankook, Optimized multi-pitch sequencing results in a notable reduction in cavity noise, up to nine decibels. The iON evo AS SUV (and iON evo AS) also includes knurling technology applied inside the grooves, effectively reducing tread pattern noise during road contact by narrowing the air path, without losing the groove’s intended features.

Whether it be the iON icept tires to get through winter, the iON evo AS to get through all types of weather, or the iON evo that’s dedicated to performance, Hankook’s goal is to provide EV tire options fit to meet the needs of its EV tire dealers and customers.

Sponsored by Hankook Tire USA

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