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K&M Tire Dealer Benefits: Continental Tire’s Boost Program

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It pays to be a K&M Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire program dealer – literally. In an effort to maximize program dealer profitability, K&M’s Continental Tire rewards program, called the “Continental Boost Program,” provides participants with quarterly cash payouts that can be further boosted based on order commitments.

The best part? Participation is simple with K&M Tire’s timely purchase reporting, and no opening order requirement. Let’s dive into the details.

How it Works

By participating in the Continental Boost program, K&M Tire dealer businesses will get a cash payout based on the number of units they purchase each quarter. To be eligible for cash rewards in the Continental Boost program, your shop must purchase a minimum of 250 Continental / General PLT units. From there, quarterly cash payouts will be awarded in tiers that grow depending on the number of units you purchase.

For example, dealers that purchase between 250-499 Continental Tire units earn a quarterly payout of $1 per tire as part of the first level of the program. The dollar amount increases to $1.50 per unit in the second level (500-749 units) and to $2 per unit in the third level (750+ units).

The benefits don’t end there, though. The Continental Boost program offers a growth bonus to dealers who increase their current-year-quarter Continental / General Tire PLT net unit total versus their total in the same quarter of the previous year. These dealers will earn a double boost payout: $2 per unit in the first level of the program, $3 for the second level and a whopping $4 per unit in the third level. With the double boost applied, your shop has the potential to earn a bonus $3,000 or more quarterly, simply by purchasing quality Continental and General brand tires from K&M Tire.

All rewards are issued as credit through K&M Tire to the participating dealer’s account.

Programs like the Continental Boost program not only help independent tire dealers improve their bottom line, but also encourage your counter selling professionals to speak to customers about the quality, value, and performance capabilities of the Continental and General brand consumer tires.

Interested in signing up? Ask your K&M Tire sales representative to help get you started, and visit kmtire.com/mrtire for more program information. *Note: Dealers currently enrolled in the Continental Gold Program through a distributor other than K&M Tire are not eligible for this program.

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