Nokian Tyres Unveils Made-in-USA Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT

Nokian Tyres Unveils Made-in-USA Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT

The new all-terrain tire builds on its predecessor, the Nokian Tyres Outpost AT, and will be made and sold exclusively in North America.

Nokian Tyres introduced the Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT, a made-in-USA all-terrain tire that helps drivers extend their adventures.

The Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT – which stands for “North American all-terrain” or “new all-terrain” – will exclusively be made at Nokian Tyres’ Dayton, Tennessee factory. Dealers are invited to place orders for the tire now, and the company will begin filling those orders in the coming weeks and months as production in Dayton grows.

The new tire joins Nokian Tyres’ all-terrain, all-weather Nokian Tyres Outpost Family, which also includes the slightly less aggressive Nokian Tyres Outpost APT. The Outpost Family joined Nokian Tyres’ growing all-season and all-weather product mix in January 2022, helping the company set a North American annual sales record last year across all products. 

“We are thrilled to offer the Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT exclusively to drivers in the U.S. and Canada,” said Tommi Heinonen, vice president of PCT North America. “We believe this new tire will build on its predecessor, the Outpost AT because it is tailored to drivers here in North America.”

Nokian said its Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT offers several features aimed at meeting the unique challenges posed by North American roads. 

Compared to the Nokian Tyres Outpost AT, the new tire has a squarer profile with modified supports between the blocks, giving the tread a more aggressive look.

The Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT has a tread and sidewalls protected with Aramid Tough Shield – the same fiber used in protective vests – that helps reduce the risk of damage from potholes, road hazards and off-road surfaces. Nokian Tyres offers the Outpost nAT with a Pothole Protection program.

The Nokian Tyres Outpost nAT joins the growing portfolio of tires produced at Nokian Tyres’ LEED v4 Silver-certified factory in Southeast Tennessee. Nokian Tyres said it plans to double production in Dayton to four million tires per year by 2024, and the company is hiring 125 team members this year to achieve that goal.

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