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KYB Releases Truck-Plus Performance, Leveling Assemblies

Applications are available for many of the most popular trucks and additional applications are currently in development, the company says.


KYB has released the KYB Truck-Plus Performance Assembly for light truck owners who want to upgrade their vehicle’s suspension; and Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies as an ideal solution for truck owners who want a more aggressive appearance.

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The KYB Truck-Plus Performance Assembly is specifically designed for enthusiasts who want to increase their truck’s handling and control capabilities, the company says.

When compared to conventional replacement strut assemblies, KYB Truck-Plus Performance Assemblies incorporate additional damping, and, on many applications, a monotube design, KYB says. Monotubes have two separate working chambers: an air-free hydraulic area for complete fluid control, and a second high-pressure nitrogen gas area with a floating piston that adjusts to add instant performance on demand, the company says.

Truck-Plus Performance Assemblies come with the correct spring, top mount, insulators and hardware required for a quick replacement.

The KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Assembly increases the vehicle’s front height, allowing owners to give their truck a more level appearance, the company says.

The Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies come completely assembled with strut, spring and mount, as well as all hardware necessary for installation. Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies come with the spring is already in place, so no spring compression is required.

All Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies are assembled in the U.S. and use the same springs and components found in KYB Truck-Plus Performance Assemblies. Applications are available for many of the most popular trucks and additional applications are currently in development.

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