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Identifying Weak Springs that Need to be Replaced

The constant use of springs as your customers drive causes them to wear down, highlighting noticeable performance issues.

The Secret Behind Selling Ride Control

Proper inspection and communication with customers can make the process of selling ride control a lot easier.

Meyle Broadens Product Range with Two-Component PD Brake Discs

Seven new references for the two component Meyle PD brake discs are now available for the BMW models 3 to 8 Series, X3 to X5, and Z4, and for Mercedes C-Class and E-Class models.

NAPA Auto Parts is the Preferred Retailer of Brembo’s EV Brake Kit

NAPA said the Brembo Beyond parts kit will include a range of 32 part numbers.

Inspecting Ball Joints

Ball joints may be small, but if they fail drivers will lose control of the vehicle.

What to Know About Multi-Piston Brake Calipers

Many high-performance vehicles come equipped with multi-piston calipers that need special attention during a brake job.

Meyle Unveils its First Climate-Neutral Product Range

Meyle says it is now working with ClimatePartner to compensate for the CO2 emissions associated with its parts in the steering and suspension category. Meyle says these parts are largely manufactured at the company’s own plant in Turkey, which has been certified carbon-neutral since 2021. “That’s good. But for us, it’s not enough. We want

Monroe Introduces New Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense

Monroe shocks and struts has launched new Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense products in North America. Designed specifically for luxury European vehicles equipped with electronic suspensions, Monroe says Intelligent Suspension RideSense is engineered as a direct replacement for OE electronic units, matching their design for a “plug and play” installation while offering a customizable driving experience,

Bendix Shares Brake Safety Week Tips for Commercial Trucks

The team at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems (Bendix) offers suggestions on getting ready for Brake Safety Week, happening this week (Aug. 21-27). Brake Safety Week is the annual weeklong event run by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) that examines vehicles across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Bendix says Brake Safety Week is part

Servicing Tapered Wheel Bearings

You probably haven’t seen tapered wheel bearings in many late-model vehicles. It seems that nearly every vehicle made these days will run some sort of wheel hub assembly. There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest reason is this: ease of assembly. Not assembly for those of us that work on these

tapered wheel bearings
Wheel Bearing Analysis: Why Do They Fail?

Wheel bearings are tiny but mighty. Get this: On a typical passenger vehicle weighing around 3,400 pounds, each pair of front-wheel bearings, as well as the rear-wheel or axle bearings, supports around 850 pounds, depending on the weight balance and driveline configuration. If it’s a 6,000-pound SUV, each bearing might carry about 1,500 pounds. Wheel

Wheel bearing analysis
Guidelines for Visually Inspecting a Shock or Strut

There have been many technical service bulletins written on how to visually inspect a shock or strut to help OEMs avoid needlessly replacing units under warranty. What was their conclusion? Some oil leakage is expected. The first thing you need to realize is that no seal is perfect. The seal that keeps the oil and

Inspecting Shocks and Struts