Cutting corners on brake jobs can cost customers down the road

Cutting corners on brake jobs can cost customers down the road

Spending more on brake services can help customers understand the importance of quality repairs.

When a customer gets sticker shock from the price of brake parts or service, it presents a perfect opportunity for you to educate them on the value of quality brake service and why it’s worth an extra investment. Just because the shops down the road offer something cheaper, doesn’t mean the service is better than yours, especially if you value doing things the right way without cutting corners.

For customers experiencing price concerns, explain why showing the value of spending more on brake services can help them understand the importance of quality repairs at a higher cost.

Start by explaining the cost of parts being replaced in your customer’s vehicle. Shops that cut corners or look to save a buck themselves may provide inexpensive brake pads, for example, but this could come as a detriment to the customer down the road. Reputable brake manufacturers invest serious money into designing pads for certain makes and models. Specific testing puts brake systems through rigorous simulations to ensure real-world effectiveness to recreate the vehicle’s exact braking dynamics through factors like mass, inertia and stopping force.

Explaining how quality engineering prevents issues down the road can help customers understand that by saving money with no-name pads, they’d likely experience problems and have to come back to that shop. However, quality components matched to their exact vehicle is money well spent.

What about rotors? Often, shops that offer cheap brake service will skip any rotor service or replacement, offering to only do it for extra money. Not addressing the rotors every brake job is setting your shop up for a comeback that can rid of any profit you may get from installing cheap brakes. 

When you compromise on components or important additional steps to brake service, you sacrifice quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but those shortcuts will catch up to you and your customers down the road, leading to comebacks and angry customers.

Ask yourself this: Who are your best customers – the ones who come to you for every car problem? Chances are they aren’t coming to you strictly for the cheapest brake service in town. They come because they trust you thoroughly inspect their vehicle and do quality work that keeps them confident and secure.

If you want more repeat business and continuous referrals, don’t cut corners. Take the time to explain why paying a little more for quality parts and your skilled labor as technicians provides value that corner-cutting shops simply can’t match.

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