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K&M Tire Dealer Benefits: Yokohama’s Boost Program

Shops will receive a cash payout based on the number of Yokohama tire units purchased each quarter.

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If you’re a K&M Tire Mr. Tire / Big 3 Tire program dealer looking to enhance your earnings, you’re in luck! K&M’s Yokohama Boost Program, a rewards program exclusive to K&M Tire Mr. Tire / Big 3 program dealers, is meticulously crafted to help empower dealers to amplify the value of each Yokohama tire sale – without any effort on behalf of the dealer.

The Yokohama Boost Program is designed to provide tire dealers with tools like an exclusive point-of-purchase kit and per-tire incentives that deliver quarterly cash rewards based on a dealer’s purchase volume.

The best part? Enrolling is a breeze. Here’s what you can expect.

The Rewards Keep Growing

K&M Tire Mr. Tire / Big 3 program dealers can enroll in the program without an opening order requirement, but your shop must purchase a minimum of 30 units per quarter to qualify. Shops will receive a cash payout based on the number of Yokohama tire units purchased each quarter. Rewards are paid as a credit on the dealer’s K&M Tire account.

The more Yokohama tires a shop buys, the larger the quarterly reward.

As an example, if a shop purchases between 30-59 Yokohama tires in a quarter, the dealer will receive a payout of $3 per tire as part of the first reward tier. Dealers who are able to purchase between 60-99 Yokohama tire units will receive a Q4 ’23 enhanced payout of $7 per tire, and dealers who purchase 100+ Yokohama tire units or more in a quarter will receive a Q4 ’23 enhanced $8 payout per tire. The Q4 ’23 enhanced Level 2 and Level 3 payouts represent $3/tire increases over the standard program.

This means that tire dealers who purchase the minimum of 30 Yokohama tire units will earn an extra $90 that quarter, and dealers who meet the requirements for the third tier of rewards will earn a minimum of $800 per quarter simply for enrolling in the program during the Q4 ‘23 enhanced quarterly promotional period. Plus, for those dealers who also sell and service commercial tires, there is an exclusive Yokohama Commercial Kicker of $7.50/tire if the dealer achieves any level of the Yokohama Boost Program (min 24 units, paid as a credit on the dealer’s K&M account). All it takes to get started is to contact your K&M Tire sales representative.

Dealers who enroll in the program don’t have to go at it alone. The Yokohama Boost Program includes a consumer rebate as well, turning the program into a win-win for both your shop and your customer.

K&M Tire is always on the lookout for ways the independent tire dealer can cash in without a huge commitment of time and effort from store staff members. By joining K&M’s Mr. Tire / Big 3 Tire Yokohama Boost Program, a tire dealer can earn anywhere from an extra $90-$800+ per quarter. It pays to be a Mr. Tire / Big 3 Tire dealer! For more information on the program, visit kmtire.com/mrtire.

Note: Dealers currently enrolled in the Yokohama Advantage Program through a distributor other than K&M Tire are not eligible for this program.

Sponsored by K&M Tire.

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