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K&M Tire Dealer Benefits: Hankook Tire’s Boost Program

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The perks of being a K&M Tire Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire program dealer just keep on coming! K&M’s Hankook Tire Boost Program, a rewards program exclusive to Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire program dealers, aims to maximize profitability by offering quarterly cash payouts that increase based on a dealer’s purchase volume with K&M Tire on Hankook PLT products.

K&M Tire makes it easy for program dealers to participate and start earning the bonus dollars thanks to the company’s timely purchase reporting. Plus, there’s no opening order requirement to start. 

Let the Benefits Begin

K&M Tire dealers who participate in the Hankook Tire Boost program will be eligible to receive a cash payout based on the number of Hankook units they purchase each quarter. To be eligible for cash rewards in the Hankook Tire Boost program, a dealer must purchase a minimum of 250 Hankook Tire PLT units. Cash payouts will be awarded each quarter based on volume tiers that grow depending on the number of units purchased. 

The Hankook Tire Boost program pays dealers a quarterly payout of $1 per unit for purchase volume of (250-499 units) from the program’s first tier. That dollar amount will increase to $1.50 per unit in the second tier (500-749 units) and to $2 per unit in the third tier (750+ units).

Why stop the bonus rewards there? The Hankook Tire Boost program offers a potential growth bonus to dealers who increase their current-year quarterly Hankook Tire PLT net unit total purchase versus their total in the same quarter of the previous year. These dealers will double their boost payout in each tier. That means earning $2 per unit in the first tier of the program, $3 per unit in the second tier and $4 per unit in the third tier. 

By taking advantage of the Double Boost opportunity at the third tier level, a shop would earn a minimum bonus of $3,000 quarterly just by continuing to trust the quality behind Hankook Tire products from K&M Tire. All rewards are issued as credit to the participating dealer’s K&M Tire account.

K&M Tire designs programs like the Hankook Tire Boost to fit every size of independent tire dealer. These bonus programs are exclusive to Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire network dealers and are created to help them build profit in their business with big, bottom-line bonuses attained simply through their partnership with K&M and by offering the proven performance and value of Hankook consumer tires in their businesses. 

Dealers can sign up for the program by contacting their K&M Tire sales representative to get rolling. Visit kmtire.com/mrtire for more program information. 

*Note: Dealers currently enrolled in the Hankook One Program through a distributor other than K&M Tire are not eligible for this program.

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