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Cooper Develops All-Terrain for Canadian Drivers


Cooper-Discoverer-XT4Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. introduced a new all-terrain tire developed specifically for Canadian drivers – the Discoverer X/T 4.


The tire, for truck and SUV owners, is designed to work in all four seasons, Cooper said.

“The X/T4 fills a void in the Canadian marketplace by presenting consumers with a reliable product that works equally well pulling the boat out in July, as it does pulling the sleds down a snow covered road in January,” said Scott Jamieson, Cooper’s director of product management.

The Discoverer X/T 4 features a five-rib all-terrain tread pattern and an optimized silica tread compound that work together to increase grip and winter traction without sacrificing tread wear, Cooper said. The tire also features full-length, full-depth micro-gauge corrugated siping and Snowgroove 2.0 technology that provides multiple biting edges to generate higher snow-on-snow traction and ice traction, Cooper noted. Because of these traits the Discoverer X/T 4 has a severe snow rating and bears the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol.


Other features of the Discoverer X/T 4 include stone ejector ribs that help resist stone drilling and twin tie-bars for added stability, Cooper said.

The tire is also equipped with a tread wear warranty – 100,000 kilometer for SUV and 85,000 kilometer for light trucks. The X/T4 is available in 23 SUV and light truck sizes and will be distributed exclusively in Canada by Cooper dealers.



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