Atturo Unveils All-Weather AZ810 Tire at SEMA

Atturo Unveils All-Weather AZ810 Tire at SEMA

The AZ810 is on display in the Atturo booth, South lower hall #44167, and in the SEMA New Product Showcase.

Atturo Tire announced a new tire at the 2023 SEMA Show—the Atturo AZ810. The manufacturer said this tire caters to the enthusiast community and captures the attention of the growing hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) customer base. The AZ810 is on display in the Atturo booth, South lower hall #44167, and in the SEMA New Product Showcase. The Atturo AZ810 is a 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certified high-performance tire designed to excel in various driving conditions, Atturo said.

According to Atturo, other features of the AZ810 include:

  • All-weather performance: The AZ810 features an asymmetrical tread pattern, prominently characterized by three circumferential grooves with swooping channels, 3D sipes and a maximum number of biting edges, Atturo said.
  • Quiet ride: Atturo said it understands that the modern enthusiast includes Hybrid and EV drivers who prioritize a quieter driving experience. The array of shoulder blocks in the AZ810 is designed with a harmonics-cheating sequence, ensuring a tranquil ride while maintaining high performance, the manufacturer said.
  • Wet Traction: The AZ810’s compound and tread pattern maintain a focus on wet traction, providing grip and handling akin to Atturo’s acclaimed AZ850 summer UHP tire, Atturo said.
Atturo’s AZ810 tread design and sidewall pattern.

The Atturo AZ810 will debut with an initial lineup, consisting of 16 sizes ranging from 17 to 24 inches. These sizes cover section widths from 225mm to 305mm, with aspect ratios spanning from 35 to 55 series. More sizes will be added throughout 2024. Atturo said the AZ810 is also backed by a 45,000-mile limited tread wear warranty.

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