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The Final Countdown Counts On You!


This is it…the final countdown until the end of the year. While it’s easy to fall into vacation mode and coast through the holidays, you would be ill-advised to do so.

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Like a boxer that lets his guard down in a match, you could very well get knocked out!

This time of year finds many existing and would-be customers with some downtime themselves and many of them have tire and/or vehicle needs that they now have time to tend to before their regular work schedule restarts in the new year.

There’s also a social psychology phenomenon that takes place in December with many people simply wanting to address vehicle needs and preventative maintenance items at this time so they can start the New Year "fresh."

All of this means there will very likely be increased opportunities to be had. And, as always, these opportunities will most often be won by the salespeople that perform the best.


Given your commitment to excellence, there’s exactly no reason why this should not be you!

So go…go and execute excellence and demonstrate to each and every customer that they simply cannot do better than doing business with you and your tire/auto service business!

May the sales force be with you!!

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Business Operations

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