Top Technology Trends Shaping the Tire Industry

Top Technology Trends Shaping the Tire Industry

Implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital scanning technology can allow tire dealers to efficiently and accurately gather data to improve a customer's driving experience.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a massive digital transformation. With 93% of automotive companies saying that first-party data will substantially improve the customer experience, it’s no surprise that processes across the industry are continuing to be modernized. Digitization will continue to play a significant role in the automotive industry in 2023, especially when it comes to tires.

Tire dealers must use emerging technologies to stay ahead of the competition and exceed customer expectations. Implementing technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile digital technology, can allow tire dealers to efficiently and accurately gather data to improve a customer’s driving experiences, from tire purchases to maintenance checks, and ensure customers are safe on the road.

Below are a few of the top trends in automotive repair to look out for in 2023.

AI-enabled tech is on the rise

Many tire dealers still use outdated, manual methods of entering data, giving room for potential errors and creating lengthier times for tire maintenance checks. In the future, tire dealers will need to implement technology that allows for less margin of error when technicians record Tire Identification Number (TIN) or DOT numbers, tire size and commercial tire serial numbers quickly. For example, technicians can now scan the sidewall of a tire with their mobile device to capture tire sidewall information in an app and retrieve this data.

Using AI and computer vision to measure tire tread depth will also become more prominent in the automotive industry in the next several years. With AI-enabled technology, tire technicians and drivers can measure things like tire tread, creating a 3D model of each tread using their mobile device. This allows tire dealers to have precise digital measurements that can be instantly stored in a database and shared with customers.

These emerging technologies provide tire dealers and drivers a streamlined way to gather accurate, reliable data and boost productivity through updated, efficient processes. Not only do these technologies eliminate room for human error, but they also make it possible for technicians to reduce the length of tire maintenance checks and serve more vehicles every day.

Visibility is key

There’s no doubt that supply chain challenges will inevitably continue throughout 2023. To overcome supply chain challenges, it’s essential for tire dealers, manufacturers and fleet managers to have visibility on where their inventory is, allowing them to track TIN/DOT numbers, tire age and location at every step of the journey. This could also be achieved by mobile data capture.

Technology will continue to help increase visibility along the supply chain for tire dealers and manufacturers by digitally tracking each individual tire. Capturing tire data also gives multi-location tire dealers the ability to share information about their inventory across an entire network of stores. With one scan, tire dealers can automatically pull up all past information on a vehicle’s tires and can quickly perform an updated maintenance check. This enables tire businesses to provide a consistent experience for customers, and saves time and costs.

When managing a commercial fleet, having visibility on each individual tire is also essential. By implementing AI-enabled technology, fleet managers can easily record tire data and keep track of each individual tire within a fleet. This makes it easier for fleet managers to save on operational costs and lower their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Power is being put into the driver’s hands

The future is now as drivers will be able to use mobile data capture to fully understand their tires – all with their own mobile devices, just as independent repair shops do. Tire dealers can make online tire buying easier by creating a simpler shopping experience with tire scanning, giving shoppers the option to use their smartphone to quickly scan tire sidewall details, such size and load rating, and find the right tires for their vehicle.

With the option to self-scan tires on mobile devices, customers will have greater access to and more knowledge about the health of their tires.

Mobile data capture makes tire details accessible from purchase to maintenance

From electric vehicles to self-driving cars, it’s evident that technology is already heavily impacting the automotive industry. Throughout 2023, technology will continue to evolve and integrate further into the tire buying and maintenance process. Mobile data capture will continue to serve as a convenient, accessible tool that both tire technicians and drivers can use to quickly learn more about the tires at hand.

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