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When looks can kill: How tires are impacting rideshare safety

Ridesharing has become the go-to “safe ride” when we need a designated driver. But just how safe is using a rideshare?

How organizers of the first T.I.R.E. Summit plan to bridge technology with tire industry needs

The T.I.R.E. Summit will place an emphasis on technology, insights, regulations, and engagement in the industry.

Anyline to host the T.I.R.E. Summit

The event will include panel discussions on technology and innovation in the industry.

Anyline secures funding from Austrian agency for AI development

Anyline received around $2.86 million to fund research and development of Closed Loop Training for artificial intelligence models.

Anyline grows annually recurring revenue by 40% in 2023

According to Anyline, its growth was achieved due to robust market penetration across multiple geographic regions.

Treads Partners with Anyline for Enhanced Car Management

Anyline and Treads partnered to include data and analytics via the Treads app, starting with Anyline’s Tread Depth Scanner.

Anyline Launches Tire & Vehicle Analytics Platform at SEMA

Anyline’s Tire & Vehicle Analytics platform aids forecasting, recall alerts, tire wear comparison and driver performance assessment.

Anyline Launches New Tire Sidewall Scanner

Anyline said its Tread Depth Scanner instantly digitizes tire information such as DOT/TIN, tire size, and tire make and model.

Anyline Appoints its First Chairperson of the Board

Petra Preining becomes Anyline’s inaugural and independent chairperson.

Petra Preining Anyline
Anyline Promotes Education During National Tire Safety Week

Anyline collaborates with U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association to promote tire safety.

AI & Your Tire Shop: Using it to Your Advantage

AI could revolutionize the tire industry. It’s time to adapt and invest for success.

AI Stock image
Anyline Launches Mobile Commercial Tire Tread Scanner

Using computer vision and AI, the software works by pointing the camera of any mobile device at the tire tread to be measured, and the app does the rest of the work.

Anyline commercial tire tread scanner