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Club 3633 Members: Opportunities in the Tire Industry [Audio]

This year’s Club 3633 members delve into the challenges they and the industry have been faced with and how they’re flipping the script to turn them into opportunities to grow, learn and innovate.

Whats Treading Sponsored 2020 Class of Club 3633
Congratulations to Our 2020 Class of Club 3633!

Our industry is full of rising stars, and our June issue of Tire Review recognizes a few of them for their efforts in making a difference in their companies and the tire industry through our Club 3633 program.

Club 3633: Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller is vice president of strategy and business development for ATD. Along with her enterprising eight-person-team, she’s tasked with leveraging data and consumer trends to set a vision for how ATD can best serve retailers, manufacturers and consumers three to five years into the future.

Club 3633: Austin Hale

Austin Hale was just three months in working as a commercial sales representative when he realized the value of a professional consultant in OTR tire management.

Club 3633: Trent Wallin

Since joining Alliance, Trent Wallin says the region he manages, which is comprised of nine states, has seen substantial year-over-year growth for the past three years.

Club 3633: Alex Chavez

Alex Chavez takes his role seriously and realizes the impact he makes in keeping the service trucks and farm equipment in his area up and running.

Club 3633: Greg Karson

Greg Karson is Nexen Tire’s business development manager, running all aspects of the company’s Next Level associate dealer program.

Club 3633: Kameron Butcher

Kam upholds the business’s high standards, its family-first work environment, highly qualified technicians, highest-quality repairs and a commitment to customer service.

Club 3633: Nominations are Now Open Through May 1

If you or someone you know is worthy of recognition at your company, nominate them for our 2020 class of Club 3633.

Tire Review Welcomes the 2019 Class of Club 3633

Tire Review welcomes the 2019 Class of Club 3633 members with our sincere congratulations. This year’s class includes Chris Albertz (Tire Discounters), Sean Conley (American Tire Distributors), Jessica Egerton (Cooper Tires), Ryan Lopes (Alliance Tire Americas) and Jonathan Ransom (Black’s Tire Service).

Club 3633: Chris Albertz

The Tire Review Club 3633 celebrates and recognizes the next generation of innovators in the tire industry. Chris Albertz snagged a job as a tire technician with Tire Discounters about 17 years ago, working his way up to service manager, general manager and finally to his current role as purchasing manager. Currently, he oversees tire buying for Tire Discounters’ 120+ stores.

Club 3633: Jessica Egerton

Jessica Egerton is responsible for the overall marketing strategy for each Cooper Tire & Rubber brand, as well as communicating that strategy to retailers and consumers. For Jessica, fostering strong relationships with the people she works with is a critical aspect of the job, and a big part of what motivates her in her position. The Tire Review Club 3633 celebrates and recognizes the next generation of innovators in the tire industry.