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Club 3633 Profile: Cameron Chernikow

Cameron Chernikow, 30 National Program Manager, Marketing & Communications Tire Pros The best advice Cameron Chernikow ever received was “Always be hungry to learn more.” She’s certainly listened. Chernikow is the creative mind behind much of Tire Pros’ national advertising, promotions and other initiatives/programs that support Tire Pros dealers. Chernikow’s hunger to learn helps her

Club 3633 Profile: Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins, 41 CEO Snap Finance Living by his life motto “Enhance lives,” Matt Hawkins, says success is when he is able to help other people succeed. Hawkins founded Snap Finance five years ago to provide financing to small businesses to help them grow – eventually adding tire dealers to the client mix. Hawkins believes

Club 3633 Profile: Beth Barron

Beth Barron, 45 Vice President of Operations Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service Beth Barron started working in her family’s business straight out of college. The job was intended to be temporary as she decided what she wanted to do next. Twenty-four years later, Barron has climbed the ladder to her current role at Chabill’s Tire

Club 3633 Profile: Chad Jasiunas

Chad Jasiunas, 41 Technical Manager Functional Materials Lehigh Technologies Inc. Since his return to the tire industry four years ago, Chad Jasiunas has been hard at work helping Lehigh Technologies develop the new compound technology, EkoDyne, that essentially repurposes tire compounds to be put back into tires. “EkoDyne is a functional compound, which is a

Club 3633 Profile: Sally Thomas

Sally Thomas, 40 Co-owner J.P Thomas & Co. While other teenage girls received their high school education, Sally Thomas was also learning tire business 101. A co-owner at J.P. Thomas & Co. with her brother, Bryan, Thomas began to understand what it takes to be successful in the tire industry while still in high school

Club 3633 Profile: Shane Petty

Shane Petty, 44 Operations Manager Bridgestone Americas Warren County Plant Shane Petty describes his day as a sports practice. He covers fundamentals and touches on safety, quality and prep for the next big game. The only difference is his field is a tire plant and his players are plant employees. “I pretty much set the tone

Club 3633 Profile: Jamie McNutt

Jamie McNutt, 45 Director of Compoud Development and Laboratories Bridgestone Americas Technical Center While attending the University of Akron, Jamie McNutt formed a passion for tires when she took a course on tire rubber compounding. “The beauty of compounding is that is a blend of science and creativity that you get to analyze. It makes

Club 3633 Profile: Chris Han

Chris Han, 36 Product Manager Kumho Tire U.S.A. Chris Han is part of the Kumho Tire U.S.A. team that transitioned from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., to the tiremaker’s new headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. Making the move is a point of pride for Han. “I’ve worked on multiple projects that I’m proud of, but what I’m proud

Club 3633 Profile: Huseyin Ozkumru

Huseyin Ozkumru, 29 Manager M.I.C. Tire Pros While any dealership’s goal is to build trust with the customer, one of Huseyin Ozkumru’s main goals is to ensure that every customer leaves with either a handshake or a hug. “I enjoy working with customers and getting to know them. I treat them like family and they

Club 3633 Profile: Lawrence P. “L.P.” Vollano

Lawrence P. “L.P.” Vollano, 30 Social Media/Marketing Manager/Service Writer M.I.C. Tire Pros New to the tire industry, Lawrence P. “L.P.” Vollano comes from a rich family legacy of tire dealers and believes joining the industry is his destiny. Vollano’s great grandfather worked for Firestone in the 1940s and ‘50s, and his grandfather owned a tire

Club 3633 Profile: Kyle Melvin

Kyle Melvin, 28 Store Manager Palumbo’s Car Care Center Inc. When Kyle Melvin sees a local state trooper coming up fast behind him with lights flashing and sirens blaring, it makes him happy. “My biggest accomplishment to date is supplying the entire state of Delaware’s police tires,” Melvin explains. “Having that national account with our